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Easy to use - Accurate Billing - Flexible Configurations



At the core of the system is a module called "FLIXCRM". It is a multi-function CMS specifically designed as a complete toolbox to support the daily operation.


  • Provides (AAA+) access control functions – Accounting, Authentication & Authorization

  • Support SMS OTP registration

  • Simultaneously supporting both Pre-paid & Post-paid billing schemes

  • Simultaneously supporting both Unlimited or Pay-Per-Use billing models

  • Support prepaid voucher card redemption

  • Manages End-Users & Content Providers

  • Manages Video Content Library (Movies, TV Series, MTV videos, Audio Books, Karaoke, etc)

  • Provides real-time reports with automated report scheduling

  • Manages Flixsys Media Servers/Appliances (FMS & FMA)

  • Manages Client Player (Apps) & Set-Top-Boxes

  • Supply Unlimited Subscription Plans & White Label Models

  • Offers holiday promotional discounts

  • Offers bonus points collection and redemption schemes

  • Real-time sales and analytic reports

  • Simple UI portal for ease of operation.

  • Secured with https, IP-Filtered access, Database Encryption, and 2-Stage Authentications.

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