FLIXSYS is a video platform designed to distribute media to users in remote regions such as the South Pacific Islands or Africa Landlocked Nations with poor internet connectivity and expensive satellite data cost. FLIXSYS enables unlimited FREE Wi-Fi bandwidth for video streaming or downloading as many movies, Tv series, and documentaries directly onto any Android Smartphone without incurring data charges for both service providers and end-users.

FLIXSYS consists of 2 key components designed with microservices architecture for maximum flexibility, scalability, and service fault-tolerance. 

1. The first component is called "FLIXCRM" require to manage clients, video contents and billing calculations. It can be deployed on the cloud virtual servers or onsite physical Linux servers.

2. The second component is called "FLIXBOX". In layman's term, its a Wi-Fi Router equipped with an internal Hard-Drive use to store the video contents and distribute to the end-users right from the edge of the network using standard 2.4Ghz/5.0Ghz license-free Wi-Fi technology. 


How does your customer incur ZERO data costs?

Think of FLIXSYS is the modern-day DVD store so your customer just needs to find a 'DVD store' which in this case is a FLIXBOX Download Hotspot. When connected with FLIXBOX using Wi-Fi (no internet or data plan required), your clients can stream the movies onsite in real-time or download and take-away the movies to watch later without paying for data. FLIXBOX is a Plug & Play unit and only need to plug in the power to the wall AC outlet to get started. Hence, it will easy to roll out in those high-human-foot traffic locations such as shopping malls, fast food outlets, retailers, transport nodes, schools, and many more for maximum exposure. They'll all be listed on the FLIXPLAY app so it will be super easy to find.

As an end-user, how do I get started?

The first step is to download the FLIXPLAY app from the Google Play store or when connected to a FLIXBOX Download Hotspot, just open your favorite internet browser and type in a designated domain name such as www.app.flixsys.com to get the app. Once you've installed the FLIXPLAY app and registered, you're ready to go. Next step is to find a FLIXBOX Download Hotspot and connect to the FLIXSYS system via free Wi-Fi and you're ready to download content directly to your smartphone and pay ZERO data costs - EVER! Browse the content catalog, select "PLAY" to watch now or, "Download" and take away - you can watch the content anywhere, anytime on your smartphone.

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