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Flixsys Products

At Flixsys, we are very focused on what we know best and pushing the limits of innovations to create awesome products that helps our customers succeed and bring great values to the end-users.


Flixsys Media Platform

Flixsys Media Platform (FMP) is a media solution for designed to power a "Netflix like" streaming service with unique capabilities to distribute media into regions with limited internet connectivity.

Product Sheet


FlixBox is an "All-In-One" media solution bundled in a box pre-configured to deliver video services to off-line applications such as isolated remote towns, Hotels, Taxis, Buses and Watercraft.

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Product Sheet


FlixCDN is a Wi-Fi Powered CDN solution aimed to solve bandwidth deficiency found in the 3G/4G mobile data system. It's an idea product than enable Wireless ISP to supply a "Netflix like" video service.

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