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The FLIXZERO platform is preprogrammed and packaged to suit different applications. In addition to this, we also offer software customization services that allow customers to tailor a system that suits their unique business requirements. If you are interested in our services or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at to schedule a free consultation session.

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FLIXBOX is an ideal solution for hotels that want to provide a video service for their guests without relying on an internet connection. This product is especially useful for establishments located in remote locations. With FLIXBOX, hotel guests can stream movies and TV shows in real-time or download them and watch them at their convenience, anytime and anywhere.



FLIXSYS is an excellent solution for keeping riders entertained during long journeys. With FLIXCRM, you can manage the video service of each vehicle from a centralized management system. Your customers can stream unlimited movies from FLIXSYS via the onboard Wi-Fi connection without incurring any data charges. This ensures that riders have access to high-quality entertainment, making their journey more enjoyable and comfortable.

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FLIXBOX 2GO is the perfect solution for bringing your favorite TV shows and movies on long-haul flights. This device can automatically synchronize up to 1,000 hours of content when you are on the ground and connected to Wi-Fi. It also comes with a built-in battery that can serve up to ten users for up to 24 hours, ensuring that everyone on board has access to high-quality entertainment. With FLIXBOX 2GO, you can share your entire movie library with your travel companions without incurring any additional charges, making it a cost-effective and convenient way to stay entertained during long flights.

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The FLIXSYS solution offers an innovative way to engage students and provide them with a more immersive learning experience. With FLIXZERO, you can create your own video library of past lessons and make them available for review at any time. Teaching with video is an effective way to enhance student learning and understanding. The best part is that it is free of charge to get your school set up with an FLIXZERO system, and your students do not need to pay for data, ever! This makes it an affordable and accessible option for schools looking to enhance their teaching methods and provide students with a more engaging learning experience.

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