Solving tough challenges facing video delivery


    Many Nations on our Planet today are still lacking a sufficient infrastructure to

    cope with vast demands and support a thriving economy.


    Most of the remote nations are accessing the Internet via Satellite. Thus, Internet data is expensive and unattainable by an average income person.


    Starting up a media business requires a large initial capital investment. We offer good pricing & flexible payment options to set you up quickly


    Our product is designed as a Plug & Play solution requiring little technical skills and maintenance efforts to keep the service running smoothly.

  • Built to serve the forgotten markets

    Most of us often take things for granted. We're unaware hundreds of millions of people living in Landlocked nations and Isolated-islands are still suffering from the lack of necessities, including affordable internet access. Hence, we have created a new breed of the media distribution system, namely "FLIXZERO", to enable service providers to reach out to these underserved media markets without relying on the existing internet infrastructure or it doesn't exist. Our technology has been proven successful in these markets and had been deployed all over the World. We provide you with the power to distribute media anytime, anywhere while removing DATA CHARGES for service providers and users.

    If you are a media service provider and want to expand your business into the forgotten under-served market, contact us now for a FREE test drive of our FLIXZERO solution!

  • Social Responsibility

    According to McQuivey's Forrester study, How Video Will Take Over the World, "Video is worth 1.8 million words." 1.8 million words, exactly. His reasoning is simple: if "a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video has to be worth at least 1.8 million words."

    Therefore, using video as part of the education program is a no brainer. We aim to work with the Government and Education boards to bring educational media into classrooms to obtain a better, more immersive, and meaningful learning experience for your students. Thus using videos in the school will boost the way student receives knowledge and education. We're committed to providing our FLIXZERO software solution to Schools & University FREE OF CHARGE to deliver educational programs relating to Global Warming & Carbon Output reduction courses. Contact us now to apply for a FLIXZERO system for your school while quantity is still available.


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