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Flixsys Media Platform

Zero Buffering - Zero Data Cost - Zero Internet Required

The FLIXSYS Media Platform (FMP) is a versatile and powerful software media platform that is designed to distribute and monetize multiple media services, including popular services like Youtube and Netflix. Our platform is also an ideal solution for delivering educational content to remote, isolated regions with limited or no internet access and expensive data costs. With FMP, users can enjoy real-time playback of their favorite content or download it for offline viewing using their iOS or Android smart devices. This makes it easy and convenient for users to access and enjoy their favorite content, regardless of their location or connectivity status. At FLIXSYS, we are committed to providing innovative solutions that make it easier for people to connect and access the content they love, and FMP is just one of the many ways we are working towards this goal.

  • Support On-net & Off-net Operations - Support both OTT Streaming & Download Services

  • Hyper-Fast 5G Download Speed - Download the entire movie in less than 10 seconds.

  • Multi-Video Quality Supports - Supports SD480p, HD720p, HD1080p, 4K, Ultra HD4K, Virtual Reality 360.

  • Military Grade Encryption DRM - Protect media assets with industry approved DRM security.

  • Complete  Operation Toolbox - Includes all CMS tools to manage and monetize media service

  • Opensource Linux OS Support - Compatible with standard Opensource Linux OS environments

  • Multi-Server Platforms Support - Compatible with both Physical and Virtual server environments.

  • Unlimited System Scalability - Designed with Microservices Architecture to serve millions of users.

  • Included Standard API & SDK- Equipped with a full API system and client SDK for third-party integrations.

  • Included iOS & Android apps - Smart Device client player use to download and playback media contents

  • Included FlixCDN - Designed to distribute media without incurring data-cost to both providers and users.


System Architecture


System Modules


Reference Hardware


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API Systems

TV Screens


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