Flixsys Media Platform

Zero Buffering - Zero Data Cost - Zero Internet Required

Flixsys Media Platform (FMP) is a software media platform designed to distribute and monetize multiple media services such as Youtube or Netflix etc. FMP is also a perfect solution for delivering Educational Contents into remote isolated regions with limited or NO internet access and expensive data cost. It supports real-time playback or content downloads to take away for offline viewing using iOS and Android smart devices. 

  • Support On-net & Off-net Operations - Support both OTT Streaming & Download Services

  • Hyper-Fast 5G Download Speed - Download the entire movie in less than 10 seconds.

  • Multi-Video Quality Supports - Supports SD480p, HD720p, HD1080p, 4K, Ultra HD4K, Virtual Reality 360.

  • Military Grade Encryption DRM - Protect media assets with industry approved DRM security.

  • Complete  Operation Toolbox - Includes all CMS tools to manage and monetize media service

  • Opensource Linux OS Support - Compatible with standard Opensource Linux OS environments

  • Multi-Server Platforms Support - Compatible with both Physical and Virtual server environments.

  • Unlimited System Scalability - Designed with Microservices Architecture to serve millions of users.

  • Included Standard API & SDK- Equipped with a full API system and client SDK for third-party integrations.

  • Included iOS & Android apps - Smart Device client player use to download and playback media contents

  • Included FlixCDN - Designed to distribute media without incurring data-cost to both providers and users.


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