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FlixPlay is a mobile phone app designed by Flixsys to playback video using Android (iOS coming soon). FlixPlay supports the following features:

  • Render the movie library and sort by Genres

  • Search for movie by Names

  • Select movies and queue them for download

  • Connect to an authorized Wi-Fi signal and process the download queue automatically.

  • Support download and retain movies to the maximum storage capacity available by the smartphone device.

  • Movies auto expiry after DRM defined date

  • Resume Playing from where it was the last left-off

  • Auto-suggest the closest download location for Data-Free Download

  • Top-up account using prepaid Top-up voucher code

  • Provide purchase history

  • Support Personal Favorite Movie list.

  • Smart Metadata Cache

  • OTP Client Signup/Verifications

  • Supply Basic Account Profile info.



Play your favorite movies, anytime, anywhere without an internet connection.

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