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FLIXDRM Digital Rights Management

FLIXDRM a standard 128-Bits AES encryption DRM system built based on OMA open source specs offered for free with the FLIXZERO platform. FLIXZERO also supports the following industry-standard DRM systems:

  • Google Widevine

  • Apple FairPlay

2019 Future Road-map Supports:

  • Verimatrix

Digital Rights Management - DRM

At FLIXSYS, we take data security and content protection seriously. We are committed to ensuring that our FLIXZERO platform delivers content securely and efficiently. To achieve this, we use industry-approved Digital Rights Management (DRM) and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) data encryption technology. Our DRM technology ensures that content is only accessible to authorized users, while our AES data encryption technology ensures that the data being transmitted is protected from unauthorized access or tampering. By using these advanced technologies, we can offer our customers peace of mind, knowing that their data and content are secure and protected from potential threats.

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