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Professional Consultancy Services

We are experts in helping businesses to identify deficiency in existing or new media systems and providing effective solutions to boost business growth and reduce client churns while ensuring future sustainability.

We didn't gain our knowledge by reading books or going to school but from actual real-life experiences. Our passion for video media had started since a video was only available on VHS tapes and accessing the internet through a telephone line dial-up modem. We have come a long way and have seen every invisible pitfalls that awaits for your business to inevitably fall into, this can cause significant financial loss.

We want to help you to avoid these pitfalls and improving your business efficiency with the following services:

  • 99.999% service up-time - Identify bottlenecks and single point of failure to improve service up-time.

  • Video Quality Optimization - Refine and tweak encoding parameters to maximize video quality.

  • Smooth Stream Optimization - Refine adaptive bitrate strategy.

  • Media Distribution Cost Optimization - Implement delivery cost savings strategy.

  • Third-party system integration analyst - analyze and create system integration plan.

  • System Security Auditing - Audit and outline security vulnerabilities of the target system.

  • System performance Optimization - Identify stress points and apply load distribution strategy.

  • Growth Hacking - Analyze the business and optimize to boost growth.

  • Design Best-Of-Breed system architecture - cherry pick the best components to create a best system.

  • Technology Road Mapping & Future Proofing - Plan and implement sufficient resource for future growth.

  • Reduce Client Churns - Implement strategy to keep customers happy.

  • Competitive Advantages - Apply the latest technology to maximize competitive advantages.

  • Cloud Migration - Migrate services to the cloud for maximum efficiency

  • Custom Software Development - Develop custom software and scripts for any applications.

  • 24/7 System monitoring - Monitor and resolve issue before they get worse.

To get started, please drop us a line at, we'll be happy to provide you with a free consultation session.

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